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Teleworker Profile

61% male
39% female

Age 18-34 = 42%
Age 35-54 = 48%
Age 55+ = 8%
Mean Age = 40.3, Median Age = 38

High School or less = 23%
Some College or Vocational Training = 28%
College Graduate = 50%
Post Graduate Degree = 15%

Household Income
Under $40k = 10%
$40-75,000  = 32%
>$75,000     = 52%


(Telework Research Network 09)
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Important Information:

Information About Telecommuting (Working from Home):

Telecommuting is remote work. Other terms associated with telecommuting are: teleworking; flexible working; and, virtual worker. In such employment, Information Communication Technologies are used by the worker to gain access to, perform tasks, and manage designated responsibilities from a remote location. Telecommuter jobs are available for all levels of experience, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

There are a number of factors that point to the continuing expansion of the telecommuting industry:

1. The economic downturn and the cost benefits that telecommuting can offer, such as: increases in productivity; decreases in traditional business over head expenses such as real estate costs, utilities, typical employee benefit plans, etc.

2. Most people already have the necessary equipment to do the task required such as a computer, access to the Internet, printer and various types of work processor programs.

3. The increase in fuel prices and the lack of wear an tear on the family vehicle not to mention travel times.

Telecommuter Facts:

About 52% of all small businesses are home-based. (SBA 08/10/2010 Report Click Here to View)

"Many companies today view HR outsourcing as one of the most viable options to save money and improve services while also making a strategic contribution to the business" David Clinton, president of Accenture HR Services 
(RTO Online )

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